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"Attack" of the Ravenous Children

It's four o'clock and time to make dinner. At my house this is also the time when my two year old gets up from his nap, and my oldest gets home from school. It can become rather stressful with a hungry child repeatedly asking for a cookie, a toddler trying to help himself to snack (or having a meltdown), and perhaps  a crying baby.  Cue the music to "Jaws", because this has been the theme at my house recently.  Does this scene sound familiar to anyone else? 

I have had some success with meal planning and freezer cooking in the past when my two oldest children were younger.  However, this was when I only had to think of my husband and myself while the child or children ate baby food. A few years, and two more children later this has proved to be difficult to return to. I have at least one child whom is a picky eater which tends to cause me to stare blankly into my pantry when it is time to make dinner. 

Today I was prepared. At 4 pm I was ready with some banana bread for snack. The kiddos gobbled it up, and even the baby loved it. This bought me some time to finish dinner, and for my husband to get home from work. We ended up  eating later than planned due to having company, but the kids seemed to be okay. 

Here is the meal plan for the rest of this week. (Note: we usually do cereal for breakfast, and, sandwiches for lunch,)

After School Snacks

Tuesday: Banana bread
Wednesday: Popcorn
Thursday: " Pantry Trail Mix" (a mixture of oat cereals, peanuts, walnuts, chocolate candies, and dried fruit)
Friday: Jello and fruit


Dinner Menu

Tuesday: Lasagna and salad (my picky eater liked this- who knew?)
Wednesday: Slow cooker Pulled BBQ chicken and green beans
Thursday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Friday: Pancakes and bacon with applesauce
Saturday: Taco night
Sunday: Leftovers or sandwiches

I would love to hear about your plan for the week.   


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Meal Plan for the Week

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Look for updates throughout the week for recipes and pictures.


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The lightning flashed, and thunder crashed as it poured . I was trying to help my oldest daughter finish her homework assignment. My four year old, who was supposed to be sleeping, came running back out to the living room. "Will the lights go out," she wondered. My oldest daughter chimed in, what if one of our trees falls down? What if it falls on the house? " I prayed for them, for safety in the storm, and gave them a flashlight. After  while the storm dissipated enough and I was able to get them to go to sleep.

After they went to bed, I thought about the storms in my life and how I often react to them in  similar way with anxiety and worry. I know that Jesus has the ability to control the storm, it is that I need to trust Him more fully in every area of my life.

~Cast all of your care upon Him for He cares for you. I Peter 5:7.