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Frugal Friday- Memory Lane

My grandparents farm

When I was young, I never fully appreciated the lessons in frugality that my parents and grandparents practiced. My grandparents owned a dairy farm, always had  large garden, and had their own pigs and chickens.  Up until I was a teenager we ended up getting all of our meat, and milk from them.  I never thought of meat or milk as something that comes from  a grocery store.

My mom, except for a short time when we were young was a stay at home mom. She baked everyday, and for  a few years even baked all of our bread. She taught me how to pinch pennies both directly and indirectly.  She allowed me to watch her put together a budget, pay bills, and grocery shop with her. There was six of us in our family and she had  forty dollar weekly grocery budget. This was super difficult even though this happened over twenty years ago. Yet she made it work.

Twenty years later, I am the one with a family of six. My challenges are that I do not live close by to my family, and  also feel I have big shoes to fill. I want to make a positive contribution to my family's budget, and be good steward of our finances.  Some of the goals that I want to put into place this spring are.

-Meal Planning
-Cooking from the pantry
- Bake something from scratch (at least once a week)
- Freezer cooking
- Reducing my grocery budget 

Stayed tuned for further updates on our next Frugal Friday.


  1. Planting a garden and canning fruits and vegetables were also a good family tradition. Even if you don't have time for a garden you can buy them cheaper at farmer's markets and in large quantities.


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The lightning flashed, and thunder crashed as it poured . I was trying to help my oldest daughter finish her homework assignment. My four year old, who was supposed to be sleeping, came running back out to the living room. "Will the lights go out," she wondered. My oldest daughter chimed in, what if one of our trees falls down? What if it falls on the house? " I prayed for them, for safety in the storm, and gave them a flashlight. After  while the storm dissipated enough and I was able to get them to go to sleep.

After they went to bed, I thought about the storms in my life and how I often react to them in  similar way with anxiety and worry. I know that Jesus has the ability to control the storm, it is that I need to trust Him more fully in every area of my life.

~Cast all of your care upon Him for He cares for you. I Peter 5:7.